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Sunday 15 November 2015, 4:00AM - 10:00AM
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Theme: “1st Nurses Run for Life”

Venue: GHQ Grandstand, Camp General Emilio Aguinaldo Parade Ground

Date: November 15, 2015, Sunday, 4:00 am to 10:00 am


1) To cultivate solidarity and keep spirit of camaraderie strong in health promotion activities among Nurses.
2) To raise supplemental funds in order to address the increasing number of nurses seeking assistance from the organization especially non-members.
3) To exemplify the physical aptitude of the nurses as wellbeing advocate.
No. of Participants: 1,000 RNs, Student Nurses and Running Enthusiasts 

Distance Category: 
3K - Php 375 10K - Php 575
5K - Php 475  Students - Php 250

Prizes for each Category to be divided between Male/Female Winners:
3K - Php 4,000/Php 3,000/ Php 2,000 plus loot bag
5K - Php 6,000.00/Php 4,000.00/Php 3,000.00 plus loot bag
10K - Php 10,000.00/Php 8,000.00/Php 6,000.00

Registration Location: PNA National Headquarters, 1663 F.T. Benitez St., Malate, Manila 1004 Philippines

Pre- Registration Period: Starting - October 1, 2015 
Onsite: 4:00 to 5:30 am Nov 15, 2015

Online Registration:

Bank to bank payments for Online Registration:
BDO - Paco
Saving Account - 165-0105-7081
Philippine Nurses Association, Inc.

Contact Numbers: 
Telephone: (632) 400 4430 / (632) 521 937 / (632) 536 1888

The Philippines Nurses Association is a non-profit organization whose mission is to champion for the global welfare of the Filipino nurses. PNA is also the only recognized accredited professional organization (APO) by the PRC among the entire nursing profession’s group; hence it can speak for the interests of all the Filipino nurses in general whether they are members or non-members. 

Similarly, welfare connotes wellbeing, safety and protection. It articulates benefits, concern, care and health of all colleagues. In the same way, nurses are considered the provider of care and compassion with a healing hand but the biggest question is who cares for them once they contracted a disease. Is it the parents, brothers, sisters, husband, wife, children, relatives and their comrades - you, or we, in the organization like the PNA have a share to do the same?
The main source of the associations’ revenue is the general memberships peg at four hundred pesos (Php 400.00) and a portion of it is allotted for the mutual aid plus burial benefit when nurses are no longer in animate condition; so, how can the organization come to help our nurses who got the ailment with this very minimal benefit not enough for a one session therapy? The increasing cost of health care services and the rise of incidence of debilitating illness like cancer, plus the spread of highly communicable infection/virus, etc.; possibilities are nurses could be afflicted with these. Who says that nurses can afford outright cure without aghast? 
For that reason, the PNA National President had considered other ways to acquire supplemental funds for additional benefits to the members and non-members as well, and FUN RUN could be the one.

As a consequence, the idea to conduct a fun run event is conceptualized and agreed upon during the 2nd BOG Meeting last 28 June 2015 particularly on this purpose of raising funds to address the cash demands brought about by the increasing number of nurses seeking assistance from the organization especially the non-members. These nurses dreaded with chronic incapacitating infirmity like malignancy see PNA as an association that has the capacity to alleviate in their dire need for cure through financial aid. 

So, the Fun Run Event theme is tagged as “Nurses Run for Life”. The proceeds will not only be used to help the sick members and non-members but also for advocacy campaign to remind all health care practitioner like nurses to rally behind the drive for a healthy citizenry through participation in physical fitness activities like running or walking. Unknowingly, running/walking is the most inexpensive among all kinds of body conditioning or regimen that helps shed off toxins from the body but also become a bonding exploit that keeps the spirit of camaraderie strong among health promoter like us - NURSES.