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Approved by the Securities and Exchange Commission on March 6, 2012




            We, the Filipino nurses, conscious and committed to promote and protect the people’s health implore the aid of the Divine Providence in our desire to widen the scope of our professional services, advancement and development; and having organized ourselves into a unified national association do hereby ordain and promulgate these By-Laws.


Article 1



Section 1. In establishing the overall direction of the association, paramount considerations shall be national interest, integrity and better health for the Filipino people.


Section 2. Constitutional right of the members shall be upheld and preserved and efforts shall be employed to prevent any violation of such.


Section 3. The standards of nursing shall be maintained by the profession in its total commitment of providing quality health care.


Section 4. The Association shall provide the structure for participative decision-making through democratic consultation.


Section 5. The Association shall strengthen intra and extra professional and multi-sectoral linkages and cooperation in the pursuit of its vision, mission and programs of action.


Section 6. The Association shall maintain a non-sectarian, non-partisan stand but shall exercise the political will, as a collective body to strengthen the profession as a social force.


Article II



Section 1.  Official Name – This Association shall be known as PHILIPPINE NURSES ASSOCIATION, INC. the accredited national organization of professional nurses by the Professional Regulation Commission.


Section 2.        Purposes – The fundamental purposes of the organization shall be to:


  1. attain optimal level of professional standards;
  2. work for the welfare of nurses;
  3. respond to the changing health needs of the Philippine society, and
  4. establish linkages with government, non-government, local/national and international agencies in the attainment of health goals.


Section. 3.  Principal Office - The principal Office of the Association is at 1663 F.T. Benitez Street, Malate, Manila City.


Section 4. The corporate seal of the Association shall be circular in form with laurel leaves and a triangle bearing the words PHILIPPINE NURSES ASSOCIATION, INC.  Within the Triangle is a lamp.  The color shall be white, green, gold and black.  The founding year, 1922 shall be included.


Section 5.  The logo of the chapters shall correspond to the design of the corporate seal.


Section 6. The Nurses Week Celebration Anniversary and the Annual Convention shall be held every last week of October.                                  


Section 7.  The calendar year of the Association shall be from January 1 to December 31.

Article III



Section 1.  Member – A nurse who has been duly registered with the Professional Regulation Commission (PRC) as required by the Philippine Nursing law shall qualify for membership to the Association.


Section 2. Classification of Membership:


  1. Regular Membership is conferred upon a nurse who has paid the required fee for the current year.
  2. Life Membership is conferred upon a nurse who has been a regular member for three (3) consecutive years and who shall have paid the required fees.
  3. Honorary Membership is conferred upon a person who may not be a nurse, who is not qualified under Article III, Section 2, paragraph a and b hereof, but who has rendered distinguished service to the Association in the attainment of its goals subject to the approval of the Board of Governors.
  4. Associate Membership is conferred upon nurses residing abroad upon compliance of requirements for membership.


Section 3.  Place of Membership - A nurse must seek membership in the chapter of the province or city where one holds office or residence. In case of transfer to another Chapter, the member shall accomplish a transfer form to be submitted to both Chapters, to be approved by the receiving chapter.  In no case can a nurse be a member of more than one Chapter.


Section 4.  Dues- Every member shall pay membership dues as determined by the BOG.


Section 5.  Termination of Membership – Membership to the Association maybe terminated on the following:

  1. non-payment of annual dues; and
  2. violation of the Philippine Nurses Association By-laws
  3. violation of the Nursing Law


Section 6.  Reinstatement – Reinstatement shall be made in accordance with rules and regulations as prescribed by the Board of Governors.


Section 7.  Rights, Duties and obligations of Regular and Life Members – Every Member of the Association has the right to:


  1. present any suggestion that will benefit the Association, that such suggestion is in writing, signed by the maker, endorsed by the chapter and submitted to the Board;
  2. voted and be voted upon;
  3. inspect or cause to be inspected at any time during office hours the books and papers of the Association for a lawful and definite purpose;
  4. be heard and to defend himself/herself before removal or dismissal from the Association and the right to appeal;
  5. seek protection or assistance on matters affecting him/her in the practice of the profession;
  6. transfer to another chapter if not contrary to the provisions of this PNA By-laws.


Section 8.  Rights of Honorary Members – Honorary members shall have the rights, duties and obligations as provided in Article III, Section 7 except the right to vote and to run for any elective position.


Article IV



Section 1. Nature - The Association shall be composed of the fifteen (15) regions and 6 zones under the National Capitol Region following the political and geographical subdivisions whichever is practical, namely;


CAR            (Abra, Apayao, Baguio City, Benguet, Ifugao, Kalinga, Mountain Province)

Region 1      (Ilocos Norte, Ilocos Sur, La Union, Pangasinan)

Region II     (Batanes, Cagayan South, Isabela, Nueva Vizcaya, Quirino, Cagayan North)

Region III    (Bataan, Bulacan, Nueva Ecija, Pampanga, Tarlac, Zambales)

Region IV  (Aurora Province, Batangas, Cavite, Laguna, Quezon, Rizal, Marinduque,  Occidental Mindoro, Oriental Mindoro, Palawan, Romblon

Region V     (Albay, Camarines Norte, Naga City, Iriga City, Masbate, Sorsogon)

Region VI    (Aklan, Antique, Capiz, Guimaras Province, Iloilo, Negros Occidental,

 San Carlos City)

Region VII   (Bohol. Cebu, Negros Oriental, Siquijor)

Region VIII  (North Leyte, Southern Leyte, Northwestern Leyte, Eastern Samar,

 Northern Samar, Samar, Biliran)

Rgion IX     (Zamboanga. Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, Zamboanga

  Sibugay, Isabela City)

Region X     (Bukidnon, Camiguin, Misamis Occidental, Misamis Oriental, Lanao del


Region XI    (Davao Oriental, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao City)

Region XII  (North Cotabato, Saranggani, South Cotabato, General Santos City,

 Sultan Kudarat, Cotabato City

ARMM         (Basilan, Lanao del Sur, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi) 

CARAGA     (Surigao del Norte, Surigao del Sur, Agusan del Norte, Agusan del Sur)_

NCR Zone 1 (Manila)

NCR Zone 2  (Caloocan, Malabon, Navotas, Valenzuela)

NCR Zone 3  (Quezon City, Marikina)

NCR Zone 4  (Mandaluyong, San Juan, Pasig)

NCR Zone 5  (Makati, Taguig, Pateros) 

NCR Zone 6  (Pasay, Paranaque, Muntinlupa, Las Piñas)


The organizational structure of the association shall be classified as national, regional and chapter levels. 


The Board of Governors (BOG) is the highest governing body of the association and elected and empowered by the By-Laws of the Association.  They are vested with the authority of policy-making and decision-making to serve the best interest of the members.


Section 2. Composition - The national level shall be composed of 20 Members of the Board of Governors whose officers shall include: President, 2 Vice Presidents and Treasurer.


Section 3. Regional Council and Zonal Levels – The Regional level and the NCR Zones level shall be composed of the Governor and the Chapter President/Presidents.  Chapter level shall be composed of the Board of Directors.


Section 4. Share from membership dues – from the unobligated amount of the membership dues 50% shall go the chapter or zone while 50% shall go to National Office.


Section 5.  Chapters - There shall be chapters as maybe determined by the Board of Governors based upon the geographical and other factors prevailing in the area.


  1. Governing Body - Each chapter shall be governed by an elected Board of Directors composed of not less than five (5) and not more than fifteen (15) members and who shall elect among themselves their officers.
  2. Chapter By-laws - Chapters may adopt such By-laws as it shall see fit but not inconsistent with the Philippine Nurses Association By-laws and any existing laws.
  3. Chapter Accreditation - There shall be a Chapter Affairs Committee which shall accredit chapters based on set criteria.
  4. Responsibilities of an Accredited Chapter.


  1. Maintain/upgrade the conditions for which the chapter has been accredited.
  2. Make a quarterly report of accomplishments and finances to the concerned Governor.
  3. Ensure attendance of delegates to constituted bodies.


  1. Privileges of Accredited Chapters and its Members.
  2. Only accredited chapters are eligible for awards and recognition.
  3. Only accredited chapters may nominate a candidate to an elective position of the Association
  4. Only members of accredited chapters are eligible for scholarship.
  5. Only members of accredited chapters may be considered as official delegate of the Association to local and international fora.


  1. Sanctions for accredited chapters shall be imposed by the authorized body for failure to comply with its duly prescribed duties and responsibilities.


Section 6.  Chapters Outside the Philippines – Local and Foreign Chapters can be established outside the Philippines upon compliance of local and foreign requirements and approval by the BOG.  Such organized Chapter shall pay to the National Office chapter membership fee as determined by the BOG.


Article V



Section 1.Composition of the Board of Governors - The Board of Governors shall be composed of 20 representatives from the different PNA regions.


Section 2.  Qualifications of a Governor

  1. A Filipino citizen;
  2. Holder of updated PRC ID to practice nursing in the Philippines;
  3. Masters degree holder;
  4. Three (3) consecutive years of active membership in the region which he/she represents;
  5. Endorsed by the chapter in the region  where he/she belongs;
  6. Proven leadership ability;
  7. Available, accessible and committed;
  8. An active officer of PNA;
  9. Works for the interest of the Association.


Section 3. Term of Office - Each Governor shall have a term of Office of two (2) years.  Governors are allowed only one (1) re-election or a maximum of four (4) years.


Section 4.  Functions and Powers - The Board of Governors shall govern the Association in the attainment of its goals and objectives. As such it has the responsibility to:


  1. adopt and cause to implement the policies, plans, strategies and projects of the Association for nursing and health development;
  2. cause to change and promulgate rules and regulations as the need arises consistent with the  By-laws;
  3. cause to purchase, acquire, mortgage, encumber and alienate or sell property for the Association;
  4. cause to borrow money, create or issue pledges, bonds, deed of trust, issues mortgages and negotiable instruments or securities for the purpose of carrying out the functions of the Association;
  5. adjudicate and impose appropriate sanction after due process;
  6. create regions, chapters and zones as may be deemed necessary.
  7. exercise leadership and management over the chapters.


Section 5. Corporate Officers – The BOG shall elect among themselves the Corporate Officers who shall be compose of the Chairman and Corporate Secretary.

Section 6.  Duties of the members of the Corporate Officers of the Association.


a. The Chairman of the Board shall:

a1  Provide  direction in the governance of the Association;

a2  Initiate and implement the formulation of plans, policies and strategies of the association;

       a3  Assist the BOG in decision/policy making relevant to investments, debts, loans and other financial matters;

a4  Identify the agenda for the Board of Governors meeting; and

a5   Call and preside over the meeting of the BOG.


 b.  The Corporate Secretary shall:

b1    Submit to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) names & addresses of officers within thirty (30) days after the election;

b2    Report to SEC resignation and cessation of officers;

b3    Guarantee the accuracy and completeness of records of minutes of meetings;

b4    Cause the submission of books such as membership and minutes as required by SEC; and

b5    Record the highlights of the BOG meetings and during the General Membership Meeting.


Section 7.  Executive Committee Officers – The Executive Committee Officers of the Association will act on behalf of the BOG to discuss issues and concerns of PNA.  The Executive Committee shall be composed of the President, Vice President for Programs and Development, Vice President for Finance, and Treasurer.


Section 8.   The Executive Committee shall deliberate/ resolve urgent and immediate issues and concerns affecting the Association when the BOG is not in session.


Section 9.  Qualifications of Executive Committee - In addition to meeting the qualifications of a governor, the executive officers should have been a member of the Board for at least one (1) year.


Section 10. Duties of the Executive Officers:


  1. The President shall be responsible for the total administration of the Association. He/she shall:
  1. Implement plans, policies and programs;
  2. Monitor and ensure proper implementation of the Bylaws of the Association;
  3. Exercise general supervision over the affairs of the Association;
  4. Appoint, remove or suspend for justifiable cause any appointive officer and/or employees subject to the approval of the Board;
  5. Sign, as authorized by the Board, all contracts and other instruments of the Association;
  6. Recommend the budget of the Association to the BOG;
  7. Act as official representative and spokesperson of the Association;
  8. Call and preside during the annual membership meetings of the Association;
  9. Act as chairperson to the Executive Committee;
  10. Perform all other duties inherent to the Office and as required of her/ his by the Board; and


  1. The Vice President for Programs and Development (VPPD) shall assist the President in determining and carrying out the program thrust of the Association.  He/she shall:
  1. Initiate projects/ programs / activities based on the program thrusts of the Association;
  2. Coordinate the activities of the different Departments and Committees;
  3. Monitor and evaluate the programs and projects of the Association;
  4. Represent the President in official functions as delegated; and
  5. Be the alternate signatory of the President.


  1. The Vice-President for Finance (VPF). Shall assist the President in the financial management of the Association.  He/she shall:
  1. Recommend policy direction in terms of financial management;
  2. Cause the preparation of the budget of the Association and submit the same to the President;
  3. Manage the finance program;
  4. Ensure the implementation of the decision of the BOG on financial matters;
  5. Inspect/ examine the book of accounts of the Association;
  6. Conduct program review and analysis for release of funds;
  7. Sign vouchers before the disbursement of funds; and
  8. Represent the President in official functions as delegated.


  1. The Treasurer shall:
  1. Be accountable of all monies, legacies, gifts and properties of the Association;
  2.  Cause to deposit funds and valuable effects in the name of and to the credit of the Association in the banks and trust companies designated by the BOG;
  3.  Disburse funds in accordance with prescribed rules and regulations;
  4. Co-signs checks together with the President;
  5. Ensure accurate and complete recording and reporting of accounts; and
  6. Submit a financial statement with comparative figures and supporting documents during the bi-annual meeting of the Board and the Annual General Membership meetings.


Section 11.  Election – The election of the Corporate Officers and Executive Committee shall be held on the first day of the first regular BOG meeting for the year.


Section 12.  Term of Office – The term of office of the Executive Committee shall be one (1) year.


Section 13.  Succession – In the event that the President is absent or unable to perform one’s duties, the Vice-President for Program and Development shall take over.  In the event of resignation, disability or death of both the President and the Vice-President for Programs and Development, the Vice-President for Finance shall act as the President for the unexpired term.


Section 14.   Meetings - The BOG shall hold meeting twice (2) a year on such date and at such time and place as it shall designate. Special meetings maybe called by the Chairperson or upon written request of at least five (5) governors. For regular meetings, notice shall include the written agenda and the minutes of the previous meeting. For special meetings, notice shall be served five (5) days prior to the date. Notice shall include the written agenda.


Section 15.  Quorum - A majority of members of the Board shall constitute a quorum to transact business.



Section 16. Vacancy


  1. Any vacancy occurring in the BOG other than by removal of the member or by expiration of term, may be filled by the vote of at least majority of the remaining BOG, if still constituting a quorum.  Otherwise, said vacancies must be filled by the members in a regular or special meeting called for the purpose.  A governor so elected to fill the vacancy shall be elected only for the unexpired term of his predecessor in office.


  1. Whenever a vacancy exists among the officers except the President, the BOG shall elect the replacement. 


Section 17. Advisory Council – there shall be an Advisory Council of past chairpersons and presidents of the Association except the immediate past President who shall be an ex officio of the Board for one (1) year.


Section 18.    Reports of Accomplishments – All members of the Board are mandated to submit written quarterly and year-end reports of their accomplishments to the President.


Section 19.    Honorarium - All officers shall receive honoraria the amount of which shall be fixed by the Board.


Section 20.    Travel and representation Expenses - Any member of the BOG designated as official representative shall be entitled to travel and representation expenses in accordance with the existing policies.


Section 21.   Insurance - All members of the Board of Governors shall be entitled to insurance during the period of incumbency.


Section 22.    Turn Over - The outgoing member of the Board shall endorse in writing pertinent documents, financial and unfinished business to the incoming Board.


Article VI



Section 1.  Nature and Composition -   The House of Delegates is a deliberative body.  It shall be composed of delegates representing the various chapters of the Association.  Such delegates are elected by the members of the chapters where they belong.  Every chapter is entitled to one (1) delegate and an additional delegate for every 100 members but not to exceed ten (10).  Provided, that one (1) delegate shall represent all affiliate members.  Provided further that all past chairpersons of the House of Delegates are automatically delegates.


Section 2.  Functions  -  The House of Delegates shall have the following functions:

  1. It shall represent its respective members during deliberation of issues, proposed amendments and resolutions, presented by the Board of Governors, House officers, chapters and other members.  The resolutions, except amendments to the By-Laws shall bind the Association when concurred with by the Board of Governors, provided that issues emanating from the Board when passed by the House of Delegates shall automatically be concurred with; provided further, that resolutions not concurred with by the Board shall be returned to the House of Delegates with justification for the non-concurrence for further discussion, and if approved by 2/3 vote of all its members present representing 3/4 vote of the total number of chapters shall override the unfavorable decision of the Board; provided finally, that failure of the Board of Governors to act on resolutions within ninety (90) days, shall mean that these are automatically concurred with.
  2. It shall approve the annual budget of the Association.  If not approved, the budget of the previous year shall be in effect.  It shall also have the power to verify adherence to the budget.  Any outlay outside the approved budget exceeding one hundred thousand pesos (P100,000.00) shall have the approval of the House of Delegates.


Section 3.  Officers -  The House of Delegates shall have a Chairperson, a Vice Chairperson, a Secretary and a Treasurer who shall be elected from among themselves.


Section 4.  Term of Office  -  The term of Office is one (1) year.  An Officer may be re-elected for not more than three (3) terms.


Section 5.  Qualifications of Officers  -  All officers of the House of Delegates shall:

  1. have been a delegate for at lease two (2) times, one (1) year of which has been that immediately prior to elections and
  2. possess leadership qualities to conduct meetings utilizing standard procedures.


Section 6.  Duties of Officers  -  The officers shall be responsible for the successful conduct of the convention.  They shall submit to the Board of Governors a written report of the outcome within thirty (30) days after the convention.


Section 7.  Duties of Members  -   Members of the House of Delegates shall have the following duties:


  1. Before the Convention;


  1. Coordinate with chapter Board of Directors in identifying problem/issues of the chapter that may be brought to the House;
  2. Collect, study and discuss these with constituents;
  3. Draft resolutions to be sent to House of Delegates chairman for possible inclusion in the agenda of the annual convention;
  4. Act as proponents if said resolution is included in the agenda;
  5. Familiarize themselves with house rules and procedures.


  1. During the Convention


  1. Attend all sessions of the House;
  2. Participate actively in the deliberation of issues; and
  3. Make a definite stand on issues by voting for or against them.


  1. After the Convention


  1. Report in writing results of the convention to respective chapters within thirty (30) days; and
  2. Send to the chairman within thirty (30) days a written report on reactions of the chapters to the convention repots.


Section 8.  Elections  -  The elections of the House officers shall be conducted by the national Comelec.


Section 9.  Meeting -  The House of Delegates shall hold its annual meeting during the National Convention of the Association.


Section 10.  Quorum -  Majority of the registered House of Delegates shall constitute a quorum.


Section 11.  Honorarium  -  The House of Delegates (HOD) shall receive honorarium as approved by the Board of Governors.


Article VII



Section 1. Frequency and Venue – The Association shall hold a general membership meeting annually starting on a Tuesday of the fourth week of October, the time and place of which shall be decided by the members during the General Membership Meeting.


Section 2. Notice – The announcement of the General Membership Meeting shall be made not less than four (4) weeks before it shall take place.


Section 3. Special Meetings – A special meeting of the members of the Association maybe called by the President or by five (5) members of the BOG upon request by ten (10) percent of the general membership. 


Section 4. Quorum - Fifty percent plus one (50% + 1) of those who registered on the opening day of the annual convention shall constitute a quorum.


Article VIII



Section 1. Purpose – The Association shall hold an Annual Convention at any day of the last week of October for the purpose of holding a general membership meeting, House of Delegates, national election and/or such other activities that the Association may deem necessary.


Section 2. Venue – The venue shall be decided during the general membership meeting.


Section 3. Notice – The announcement of the Annual Convention shall be made not less than four (4) weeks before the convention takes place.


Section 4. Annual Convention Committee - There shall be an Annual Convention Committee chaired by the Vice President for Programs and Development. If outside Metro Manila the Board of Governor in that Region shall be designated as the over-all chairperson of the annual convention committee.


Article IX



Section 1.  Organization - There shall be a Commission on Elections which shall be referred to as the National COMELEC. Members shall be referred to as the Commissioners.


Section 2.  Composition - The COMELEC Commissioners shall be composed of five (5) commissioners who shall elect a Chairperson from among themselves. There shall be three (3) canvassers authorized by BOG who shall be under the supervision of the COMELEC.


Section 3.  Term of Office - The Commissioners shall be elected during the annual election and shall have a term of two (2) years. The commissioners shall not run or hold any elective office during their period of incumbency.


Section 4. Qualifications – the following are the qualifications for COMELEC Commissioners:


  1. Active member of PNA;
  2. Updated PRC ID to practice nursing in the Philippines;
  3. Had served in any capacity as a PNA officer either in the National or Chapter Level;
  4. Recognized nursing leader with integrity, objectivity and impartiality;
  5. Holder of Masters degree;
  6. Endorsed by any chapter within the region; and
  7. Should not be an incumbent officer in any capacity in the Association.


Section 5.  Powers, Duties and Functions - The COMELEC shall have the exclusive powers to enforce and administer all provisions, rules and regulations and policies relative to the conduct of the election  authorized by the BOG. Their duties shall be:


  1. To promulgate and enforce, in consultation with the BOG the rules and regulations governing the nomination of candidates and the conduct of national election;
  2. To proclaim the winners;
  3. To receive, investigate and act on complaints under oath relative to elections; and
  4. To ensure compliance to the Election Code concerning the National and Local elections.
  5. To plan for the annual programs and activities of COMELEC
  6. To receive nominations from concerned chapters and screen qualifications of nominees;
  7. To make official list of qualified nominees;
  8.  To monitor the conduct of election; and
  9. i.        To designate canvassers who shall be responsible in counting and tallying the votes.


For the purpose of expediency, the respective signatories can sign documents and the officers can also start planning for their respective functions/responsibilities regarding their Plan of Action during their Term of Office.

Section 6.  Vacancy - in the event of any vacancy, except by removal or expiration of term, the candidate who obtained the next highest vote during the last elections shall serve the unexpired term. In the absence thereof, the Board of Governors shall select the replacement from among the recommendees of the local NOMELEC.


Section 7.  Meetings – the Commissioner shall hold three (3) regular meetings as authorized by the BOG.  In the event that there are cases brought to their attention, they shall meet as need arises in order to resolve the case expeditiously.


Section 8.  Honorarium - the Commissioners shall receive honoraria, the amount of which shall be fixed by the BOG.


Section 9.  Budget - The Commissioners shall prepare an annual budget for its operations for incorporation in the annual budget.


Section 10. Sanction - Any violation of the provision of the Election Code shall constitute an election offense and shall be penalized under the existing rules of PNA.


Article X



Section 1.  Date of Election -The election of the BOG and the COMELEC shall be held during the Annual Convention.  Election of local officers shall be held in accordance with their by-laws.


Section 2.  Mode of Voting - Election shall be by secret ballot in person or by proxy.


Section 3.  Filing of Candidacy -Any qualified candidate shall file his/her certificate of candidacy to the Comelec not later than sixty (60) days prior to the annual elections.  Any incumbent officer who shall run for any other office is deemed resigned upon filing of certificate of candidacy.


Section 4.  Publication of Official List of Candidates - The Comelec shall provide to all Chapters a circular on the official list of candidates prior to the election date.


Section 5.  Ballots- All ballots shall be secured at the PNA Headquarters for three (3) months from date of election after which they shall be disposed of if no protests are filed.


Section 6.  Election Code- There shall be an Election Code that governs the conduct of the elections which shall be promulgated by the Comelec and approved by the House of Delegates.


Section 7.  Proclamation - The winners of the national elections shall be proclaimed by the Comelec not later than last day of the Annual Convention.



Article XI



Section 1.        Nature – The Arbitration Commission shall act as an Advisory body to the Board of Governors to resolve conflicts, issues, problems, concerns related to the proper implementation of the By-laws, rules/ regulations/ policies of the Association.


Section 2.        Composition – The Arbitration Commission shall be composed of five (5) commissioners appointed by the Board of Governors from a list of nominees submitted by the general membership. The commissioners shall elect the Chairman from among themselves. The composition of the Commission shall be one with legal background, one with guidance and counseling background, one with management background, one member of the House of Delegates, and one Vice-President of Philippine Nurses Association (any of the two (2).


Section 3.        Qualifications of Commissioners:


  1. PNA member for at least five (5) years;
  2. With unquestionable integrity;
  3. Recognized nursing leader; and
  4. Active involvement in PNA affairs.


Section 4.        Powers and Functions – The powers and functions shall be:

  1.  Conduct / investigate conflicts/ issues/ problems/ concerns/ affecting the interest of the general membership.
  2. Submit findings and decisions to the BOG;
  3. Review decision regarding appeal for reconsideration as per request of aggrieved party/parties.


Section 5. Term – The Commissioners shall serve for a period of two (2) years but not precluding re-appointment.


Section 6. Meetings – The Commissioners shall hold meeting only when there is a case referred to them.


Section 7. Honorarium – The Commissioners shall receive honoraria the amount of which shall be fixed by the BOG.


Article XII



Section 1. Nature – The operations of the Association shall be administered and managed by an Executive Director in accordance with the vision, mission, goals, program thrusts and the policies laid out by the BOG and the officers of the Association and shall be directly responsible to the President.


Section 2. Qualifications – The Executive Director shall have the following qualifications:


  1. Preferably a registered nurse or a holder of any administrative/management related courses;
  2. Active member of the Accredited Professional Organization for at least five (5) consecutive years prior to her/his appointment;
  3. Holder of master’s degree in related fields.
  4. Five (5) years experience in administration and management;
  5. Leadership/executive ability and good public relations;
  6. Committed, dedicated and with integrity; and
  7. Physically, mentally & morally fit.




Section 3.   Functions – The Executive Director shall have the following functions:


  1. establish and maintain an effective and efficient management system for the Association;
  2. responsible for the safety and systematic filing of all documents of the Association;
  3. ensure completeness of all papers, records communications and transactions of the Association;
  4. serve as custodian of the proceedings of minutes of meetings;
  5. submit documents required by various institutions/agencies;
  6. promote/maintain harmonious relations in the Association;
  7. coordinate all activities undertaken within the premises of the national headquarters;
  8. coordinate/arrange President’s schedule of activities;
  9. supervise and monitor the Administrative staff;
  10. conduct bi-annual performance review of the personnel;
  11. recommend to the Board of Governors through the President, the hiring, suspension and termination of personnel;
  12. recommend policies, rules and regulations affecting the welfare of the administrative staff;
  13. identify the needs for maintenance and improvement of the physical plant and facilities;
  14. collaborate and coordinate with all the communities in planning, implementing and evaluating the programs/projects/activities of the Association; and
  15. facilitate the implementation of activities/matters inherent to the office or as delegated.


Section 4. Appointments – The Executive Director shall be appointed by the Board of Governors in accordance with the provision of the Labor Code.


Section 5. Limitations – The Executive Director who is a nurse and desires to run for elective position shall resign at least sixty (60) calendar days prior to the date of elections. The Executive Director shall not hold any elective position during her incumbency.        


Section 6. Compensation - The Executive Director shall receive compensation based on the classification system and salary scheme approved by the BOG.


Article XIII



Section 1. Organization – The Association shall have six (6) departments namely: Department of Nursing Practice, Nursing Education, Nursing Research, Continuing Professional Education and Welfare, Special Programs and Services and Political Affairs.


Section 2. Composition – All departments shall be composed of a Chairperson who shall assist the VPPD in planning for and determining the programs in support of the Association’s vision, mission, goals and objectives.


Section 3. Administrative Support – There shall be paid administrative personnel responsible in carrying out the activities of the different departments.




Section 4. Functions – The departments shall have the following functions:

  1. Department of Nursing Practice – shall encompass institutional and community nursing. It shall:
    1. Identify the needs and problems peculiar to nursing practice as basis for initiating measures that will upgrade the standards of nursing; and
    2. Promote quality care in nursing practice.


  1. Department of Nursing Education – shall include basic and graduate courses and nursing review programs both local and foreign. It shall:


  1. Identify the needs and problems prevailing in nursing education as a basis for initiating measures that would upgrade the standards of nursing education.
  2. Participate actively in reviewing and innovating nursing curricula to make it relevant to existing situation.
  3. Participate actively in the formulation of standards, policies, rules and regulations related to Nursing Education; and
  4. Coordinate closely with proper agencies concerned with effective operations of review centers both local and foreign.


  1. Department of Nursing Research. It shall:


  1. Initiate, motivate and participate in research projects/studies related to nursing;
  2. Disseminate research findings. conclusions and recommendations for the improvement of the profession;
  3. Receive, keep and preserve records of research projects conducted by nurses; and
  4. Recommends due recognition of nurses who have conducted research studies in nursing; and
  5. Identify strategies for the utilization of research findings as appropriate.


  1. Department of Continuing Professional Education and Welfare – This department shall include the following committees: Continuing Education, Accreditation, Chapter affairs, Cultural Affairs, Awards and Scholarship. It shall encompass spiritual ethico-moral, bio-socio-economic, cultural and political factors affecting nurses.


  1. Identify issues and concerns affecting nurses encompassing spiritual ethico-moral, bio-socio-economic, cultural and political factors affecting nurses and recommend appropriate measures to be adopted;
  2. Conduct accredited Continuing Education Programs;
  3. Accredit chapters and attend to chapter affairs needs and problems;
  4. Initiate activities relevant to cultural affairs;
  5. Screen nominees for awards and scholarships;
  6. Recommend deserving recipients of awards and scholarships to the Board of Governors.


  1. Department of Special Programs and Services – includes Ways and Means, Membership, Publication and Public Relations, Placements and International Affairs Committee, Disaster Management Committees.


  1. Initiate fund raising projects for the Association;
  2. Sustain and encourage membership to the Association;
  3. Ensure prompt publication of Philippine Journal of Nursing;
  4. Participate actively in the projects/programs/activities of the Association;
  5. Recommend to the BOG policies, programs and guidelines for nurses on overseas contract.
  6. Establish linkages with other Association and agencies which deal with overseas contract workers.
  7. Initiate/coordinate/participate with non-governmental agencies, government organizations in activities/projects to help victims of disaster/calamities; and
  8. Encourage/intensify active membership to PNA.


  1. Department of Political Affairs – This department shall include Ethics, By-laws & Legislation and Lobby committees. It shall:


  1. Determine legislative agenda that has impact on the practice of nursing.
  2. Serve as the lobby group to address issues and other matters related to health and the nursing profession;
  3. Identify ethical issues and concerns affecting nurses and nursing; and
  4. Advocate for clients rights.


Section 5. Qualification of the Chairperson – The Chairperson of the department shall have the following qualifications:

  1. Updated PRC ID to practice nursing in the Philippines;
  2. Proven leadership ability;
  3. Preferably with experience as Committee chairperson/member in the local chapter.
  4. Active member of PNA; and
  5. Committed ideals and goals of the Association.


Section 6. Term of Office of the Chairperson – The appointed Chairperson shall have term of office of at least two (2) years.


Section 7. Ex – officio Member – The Executive Director shall be an ex-officio member of the different Departments.


Section 8. Rules and Regulations – Each department shall have the responsibility to formulate its own rules and regulations subject to the approval of the Board.



Article XIV



Section 1. All elected officers/PNA staff handling monies/finances of the Association shall be provided with Surety bond 






Article XV



Section 1.  The official journal of the Association shall be called The Philippine Journal of Nursing (PJN).


Section 2.  The PJN shall be published twice a year.


Article XVI



Section 1.      Period – The calendar year of the Association shall be January 1 to December 31. Election of PNA national officers shall be done on the first regular BOG meeting following the proclamation of the winners in the Annual Convention.


Article XVII



Section 1. Amendments – These by laws, or any provision thereof, may be amended or repeal by majority vote of the Board of Governors and majority vote of the members at any regular or special meeting duly held for the purpose.


Section 2. Process of Amendment – Any amendment must pass through the following procedures:

  1. The Chapter shall, after a majority vote of its members, submit any proposed amendment to the  HOD for deliberation;
  2. Upon deliberation, the HOD shall submit the amendments to the Board of Governors and members for approval.
  3. The Corporate Secretary submits the amended by-laws to the SEC.


Article XVIII



Section 1.  Effectivity - This By-laws shall take effect upon approval by the SEC.


Article XIX



Section 1.  Term of Office – Those elected Board of Governors and COMELEC members after the approval of this Amended By-Laws shall assume office on the next calendar year and shall expire after 2 years.  Then all subsequent elections shall hold office for only 2 years until all the Board of Governors and COMELEC members elected for a term of three (3) years shall have served their term. No Governor and COMELEC Commissioner shall be allowed to serve for three consecutive terms.


----- END------